Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Problemy se stolici? Podivejte se na video!

Video, ktere prikladam nepotrebuje zadne komentare. Zakony fysiky jdou do prcic. (prdcic?)
Doporucuji vsem se divat v blizkosti WC - ja jsem osobne nikdy nic takoveho nevidel.

Subject: f/A-22 AWESOME ride
This is one AWESOME ride.The video is about 5 minutes long, but the last
30-40 seconds are priceless.
Please Note: The F/A-22 is now operational, with two wings already flying
in the Air Force. The JSF-35 'Lightning' is fast approaching operational,
and can do much more than the F/A-22 - including literally stopping in
mid-air from near super-sonic flight. The Su-27 / Su-31 'Cobra' maneuver
was essentially a 'one-trick pony' maneuver. The F/A-22, and especially the
JSF-35, can stop and eat a Sukoyhan doing the 'Cobra' maneuver, plus do so
much more.
And, as pointed out by some ex-F-4 Phantom drivers, ANY of these maneuvers
in an F-4 Phantom would have resulted in stall/fall/ spin. Fast
(super-cruise*) and stealthy, and integrated avionics are cool, but what's
really impressive is the F/A-22s low speed stability and maneuverability.
In the late 40's and to early 60's aeronautical engineers were going nuts on
how to shape intakes to handle both subsonic and super-sonic air flows,
without stagnation or compressor stalls. Supersonic in itself was a big
challenge because you had to use shock waves to slow the intake air mass to
sub-sonic before it hit the compressor blades, or they would stall. The
engineers figured it out, but the solution was keeping a lot of air going in
the front end to make sure all the hot air kept going out the back end. As
you watch this Mach 2 airplane suspend motionless in air and do tail slides,
be aware of the truly amazing performance of the engines and intakes.
Some used to think the Su-27 / Su-31 'Cobra' maneuver was the epitome of 3rd
to 4th generation fighter maneuverability. That snap maneuver doesn't hold
a candle to what this two-dimensional vectored-thrust fighter with fat
independent horizontal stabs can do at low speed. There must be far more
tricks up its sleeve in the high subsonic dogfight speed range.
The video is about 5 minutes long, but the last 30-40 seconds are priceless.
Note also, that the RAPTOR does a complete 360 degree turn in less than 20
seconds ! Click below to see video:
ACC recently approved the Raptors new DEMO profile. This was the first
show. Five minute video.
Watch the elevators of the airplane in this demo. They work independently.
It also has vectored thrust.
*Supercruise: The F/A-22 can sustain supersonic flight without the use of
fuel-gulping afterburners. I.e. 1.6 m+

Libilo se to? F34 "Lightning" uz bude taky brzy litat a ja se chodim divat na Nellis AFB, kde
mame jednu operacni TAC (Tactical Air Command) squadronu F22s.


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Dokonalost takového stroje ocení halt jen pilot, nebo člověk, který se o letadla velmi zajímá. Laik (jako např. já) vůbec nezná techn. parametry a letové možnosti jednotlivých typů.